Unruly passengers on board planes, depending on their offence, sometimes receive minimal punishment for their actions, yet the action taken against them is usually proportionate to the offence committed. Depending on the threat level, sometimes flights continue to their destinations, while some situations warrant diverting and removal of the disruptive passenger. For many years, diversion costs were absorbed by the airline, and the costs can go into the tens of thousands. Until now. A judge ruled that a passenger that was so disruptive and caused the captain to turn the plane around to removeĀ the passenger will now be required to pay a fine, presumably the cost of the turnaround and possibly punitive fines, in the amount of 98,000.00 USD! I think it is fair to say that not only will this person forever rethink about their behavior on board a plane, hopefully the message will reach others like this one and make the public realize they will be held accountable for their actions, and they will pay dearly for it should the flight need to divert.

Being disruptive on a plane is no joke, and ca n be very costly Here are some additional stories of passenger bad behavior and the price they’ll pay for a long time.

Disruptive passenger ordered to pay Hawaiian Airlines 98,000.00 USD

Woman in UK faces 85,000 pounds bill for bad behavior

In the last five years, the Federal Aviation Administration has issued a whopping $324,589 in fines to 76 drunk and belligerent passengers.