Donald Wecklein is everyone’s cabin safety go-to person. He’s well known for having an expert level of working knowledge of regulations and guidance, best practices and almost three decades of experience working around the world.

If you love learning about regulations, best practices, and how to make your flight attendant manual, training program, and inflight operation as best and safe as can be, you’re going to enjoy learning from Donald. He will teach the ins and outs of the most overlooked parts of Inflight that are important for reaching the higher, or highest degree of safety for your airline. One common obstacle inflight departments face is, when wanting to improve the department and bringing it to exectiive management is, “how much is this going to cost us?” When it comes to investing in safety, it gets hard to justify to upper management why you need something when there hasn’t been any accident or incident to justify or quantify the expense for the change. Thankfully, the majority of what you’ll learn here doesn’t cost anything extra. They are best practices that don’t require additional equipment, only changes to your manual and training program. That’s it! You may be able to do all the changes to the manual system and training program yourself, or you might even decide to hire him as a consultant!

He have been working in aviation, specifically flight attendant operations and training, for the last 29 years. As you might guess, he absolutely love it! Everyone needs to find their passion in life, and he found his in inflight operations and training. After flying for almost 8 years, he decided to leave flying the line and become an air transportation supervisor/aircraft ground instructor. From that point forward, his career took off (pun intended!). Seriously, he became very passionate about aviation safety, and wanted to have extensive knowledge of the regulations, guidance, advisory information, anything out there to help improve the flight attendant manual, flight attendant training programs, which ultimately benefit the traveling public.

Cabin safety requirements are supposed to be the same around the world. Generally speaking, everyone wants to operate at the highest standard of safety. The biggest obstacle to improving safety is that airlines don’t know what they don’t know. Just because the operation appears to function seamlessly doesn’t mean it’s perfectly designed. Errors, omission of information, and lack of interfaces typically exist within manual systems, and the crewmembers compensate for the missing information by doing what’s expected of them, not because of system design.

Airlines shouldn’t wait for an irregular event or emergency to find out that their manual system or training program has deficiencies. Have Donald do a free evaluation of the key chapters within your flight attendant manual to see if your system is well designed or missing information or interfaces.

Contact Donald to learn how he can help you improve your inflight manual and training program!