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Every airline around the world is responsible for designing their own flight attendant/cabin crew manual and training program. When it comes to line operations, the flight attendant manual is one of the hardest manuals to write. Aircraft manufacturers write the manuals for how the plane must be flown and how to repair the aircraft. However, the flight attendant manual has to be developed by the inflight department on their own. Inflight management is expected to know everything without outside assistance or consultation, develop policies and procedures for the flight operation. That’s just the beginning of the expectations on the inflight department. 

One of the less considered, but noteworthy challenges is they don’t know what they don’t know. Plus, it’s hard to edit your own work and identify errors or omissions. It’s the same reason why authors have proofreaders of their work. It’s difficult to self-identify errors when you created the error yourself. That’s the benefit of having outside information to help grow your knowledge. Donald provides to you some of his expertise to use with his presentations on SlideShare. Let him know what you think or would like to learn about! 

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