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Evacuation commands

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From the various airlines I have worked at, and from friends at other airlines that shared their evacuation commands, it appears to me that some evacuation commands are excessive and not helpful. For example, I trained flight attendants on the B747 and our evacuation commands were, starting from the evacuation sequence:

Emergency! Open seatbelts! Leave everything! Come this way!
(ABPs)= you and you, stay at the bottom! Help people off! Send them away! Cross arms, jump and slide!
Emergency! Open seatbelts! Leave everything is? Come this way! Form two lines! Cross arms, jump and slide! Run away from the plane!

Considering it relates to a high off the ground widebody aircraft, those commands are not necessarily too long. Whether everyone would hear everything, will never know unless there's an emergency and the command words get put to the test. However, I have friends who work in other airlines who have excessively long command words to tell their ABP's and passengers as they evacuate. Again, while detailed, they seem very unrealistic that anyone would stick around to listen to the flight attendant when all they want to do is get out of the airplane.

In an emergency, would anyone stick around to listen?

Evacuation command words need to be clear, concise, and effective. Lengthy, detailed evacuation commands may look good on paper but likely are not functional during an emergency. Try timing yourself saying all the commands and self-assess whether you, as an exit seat ABP, would stick around to listen to the flight attendant. This is most important with regard to briefing ABPs during unplanned evacuations.

What are your thoughts?


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In my previous airline which operates narrow and widebody airbus, our commands are:

Terrain: Emergency Open Seatbelts Evacuate. Exit here, get out, get out.

Water Landing: Emergency Open Seatbelts, Get Lifevest, Evacuate. Exit Here, Get out, Get out.

Apax instruction is as important as Evac Commands, should be clear, concise, and effective. (Using demonstrative action as necessary to get the message across).